ECB plans to modify summer schedule, Next to meet on April 29

The England Cricket Board (ECB) will meet on 29 April to discuss ‘The Hundred’ that is actually scheduled from July 2020. The board has already made a decision to not allow any tournaments that are scheduled in the UK, until at least July 1, postponing the summer schedule.

They will have a discussion on the developments of cricket amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis. The committee had previously planned to halt the cricket season till May 28, but the extension has been made to prevent any severe attack by the virus on the players.

ECB decided to try an option of playing behind the closed doors, but eventually with the government’s rules, had to withdraw the choice. Hence, the next meeting on 29 April about the 100 ball championship league will be significant, as this would turn out the board that’s sustaining a financially bad situation with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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