Spartan apologizes on breach of agreement with Sachin Tendulkar

Contracts related to brand promotions is quite common in the field of cricket. All the reputed players have been promoting different brands related to bats, shoes, and many other cricket accessories. But Sachin Tendulkar has a different issue with bat-maker Spartan in the Federal Court of Australia after the company apologized for breach of contract.

The worldwide exclusive sponsorship agreement between Tendulkar and Spartan took place in 2016. He has been promoting its sporting goods and sportswear. But a contract breach was filed in the federal court of Australia. In response to that, Spartan apologized for breaking agreement policies with Tendulkar.

The termination with mutual understanding took place on September 17, 2018. Yet Tendulkar’s name and image was used by Spartan even after the termination of the agreement and he was not paid with the royalties and endorsement fees. Hence the company sincerely apologizes for the breach it made and thanks Tendulkar for his patience in resolving the issue.

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