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BCCI plans to continue association with Vivo

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Vivo has been a major stakeholder and partner for many tournaments in India. With Vivo as the current IPL title sponsor, BCCI makes plans to continue Vivo association further. The country’s board is making a review of the sponsorship policy for the next cycle. However there are no plans to end the association, said board treasurer Arun Dhumal.

Vivo is investing the money coming from the Chinese company. There have been anti-China sentiments in India currently, with a border clash between India and China at Galwan valley adding the gap between nations. With BCCI receiving Rs 440 crores from Vivo annually, the deal ends in 2022 after a five-year contract ends up.

Dhumal extends the business plans to be continued with the existing IPL title sponsor, despite anti-china sentiments. Oppo has been a sponsor for the Indian cricket team until September last year. But the digital educational technology giant Byju’s took over the sponsorship later on.


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