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Warner defends decision over banning saliva for ball-shining

Warner defends decision over banning saliva for ball-shining

The Australian opener batsman David Warner opposes the decision taken in using saliva as a practice for ball-shining. He strongly condemns the debate over banning saliva, as its being a continuous practice by the world class bowlers and so will be in the future. It’s not so easy for the bowlers now to be against the practice, he says.

While it’s the coronavirus crisis that’s being discussed everywhere, the cricket world has shifted to a debate of using saliva in cricket which turned the fans towards the topic seriously.

So what’s’ the relation between the virus and usage of saliva on a cricket ball?

With scientists exposing facts of the virus transmission, the major concern is through saliva. Yes, many nations have revealed the same thing that the virus is spread when the infected person talks, coughs, or suffers with cold. There’s a chance of the virus spreading when the affected is exposed in the public.

So Warner reveals his views of saliva on the ball cannot be the only reason for virus spread, but can also be through sharing the dressing room or any other reason. However it’s the final call by ICC on how rules will be addressing the game. Besides, many boards have been closely witnessing the situation that the pandemic has impacted on the world, and the governments give a nod to reschedule and start tournaments.


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