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How did the IPL auction come into existence?

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Many people around the world are well aware of Indian Premier League (IPL) that takes place during March to May every year. But it’s quite interesting to know how the players for IPL are chosen for each team. Before the IPL tournament first took place in 2008, all the franchises and venues were set to go. However the scattering of players into different teams was not finalized.

The former Indian Premier League (IPL) Chief Operating Officer (COO) Sundar Raman has revealed how IPL auction came into existence. In his recent interview with Gaurav Kapur in the show 22 Yarns, Raman revealed the facts and impeccable ideas on Oaktree Sports’ YouTube channel.

In a small tea party on a fine day, the thought of IPL auction was put in place. This idea was soon implemented right from the beginning, as the 1st season commenced. Raman said that since then franchises are spending big money at hotel auditoriums to buy their favorite players. This is how IPL auctions are as important as the tournament itself.


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