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IPL 2020 set to face indefinite postponement

Chennai Super Kings team is returning back into action

The Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020 has officially been called off indefinitely by the BCCI. The move comes just two days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the nation lockdown over the coronavirus pandemic until May 3.

IPL 2020 was originally scheduled to start from March 29 at the Wankhede, Mumbai. The first match was between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians which were the finalists of the 2019 edition. Initially thoughts popped up to have a closed-door event from April 15 where the matches would be played with empty stadiums and broadcasted on television. But the government’s serious measures of locking down the whole nation put BCCI in a state of suspending IPL at this point of time.

Besides suspending the mega tournament, world cricket is facing the same situation of postponing or cancelling different schedules. The coronavirus pandemic has a huge impact on different sectors including sports, while the management’s have been closely monitoring the circumstances, so as to revise the schedules ahead of the world cup taking place during October-November 2020.


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