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Suresh Raina speaks about his comeback for IPL 2020

Raina has been posting videos

It has been a long time since Suresh Raina and MS Dhoni have played cricket. After a long wait on the IPL schedule, players have recently started practicing outdoors for the upcoming Indian Premier League 2020.

The long stay of 5 months at home since covid-19 started spreading in India, the players are now resuming back strong with the play. Those participating in this year’s IPL including CSK captain Dhoni, and player Raina have already been into nets.

Raina has been posting videos on a daily basis on social media, showcasing his fitness drills and skill training at India seamer Mohammed Shami’s farmhouse field in Amroha. Rain was appointed as brand ambassador for fantasy gaming platform WTF Sports.

Raina took some time to reveal answers for a few interesting questions.


Q. The IPL is finally happening. How does it feel to return to competitive cricket?

Raina: It’s good to be back for IPL. We are all excited for this season. We have been working really hard for this edition and I am sure everyone will enjoy the action.

Q. Will you be travelling for IPL with the family, like you usually do?

Raina: That is for the BCCI to decide as a lot of guidelines have changed with the health advisories for the players and staff. This IPL will be very challenging for players as we need to maintain proper social distancing. Only once we reach there will we know of proper protocols. At this stage, let’s just hope for the best.

Q. Who do you think are the contenders to win the IPL this year?

Raina: I think since we are playing after 4-5 months, all teams will be good. This would be a battle between teams…on who is tougher mentally. How they respond after being locked inside due to pandemic. I think every team is solid. This IPL will be a battle of minds and it will be very exciting.


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