R Ashwin was at his best in 2015 Test series against Sri Lanka’s Sangakkara

With whopping Test figures, Ravinchandran Ashwin has given a lot for India. But what keeps him at the top is his bowling performances in the Test series against Sangakkara when India played with Sri Lanka in 2015.

R Ashwin got Sangakkara out four times in 23 balls, keeping this as one of the best records for a bowler. Sangakkara has played out greatly against off-spinners, irrespective of the opposition team. To name a few, Harbhajan Singh, Saeed Ajmal, and Nathan Lyon have struggled bowling to Sangakkara in the longer formats.

The batting averages against three players from different nations stands as: Sangakkara’s batting average against Pakistan’s cricketer Ajmal is 132.75, while it is 99.33 against Harbajan Singh. Though the batting average is 61 against Australia’s reputed spinner Nathan Lyon, yet it is good enough in Test format.

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