ICC has postponed the 2020 World Cup

There has been over two months of uncertainty in the decision of this year’s T20 World Cup schedule. With the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, ICC has postponed the 2020 World Cup with Cricket Australia’s statement of hard times in the country. There has been an increase in coronavirus cases across parts of Australia including the major venue Victoria.

So with the nation’s support on postponing the global tournament, ICC successfully made its move to the next year’s October-November window. With a year gap in hosting the tournament, Australia possibly stands to get the normal situations, and this allows all the participating nations to expect a virus-free world as they will travel with comfort and play.

On the other hand, the postponement of T20 World Cup after a review with 4 months of developments, BCCI is expected to take the indefinitely postponed IPL on to the cards. Yet, with the growing numbers related to covid cases, India still might not be a place to host this year’s IPL. Besides, UAE is likely welcoming IPL franchises to travel to the country and wants to make sure this year’s IPL is a successful one, although a delay occurred.

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