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Every captain wants to win championships: Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma details out the ‘legacy he wants to leave as India captain’

Before the World Test Championship final, Indian captain Rohit Sharma opened up, highlighting the primary goals he should be driving at and how he wants his team to deliver when the formidable Aussie challenge comes their way. Last-minute strategies, ambitions, and shenanigans are the talk of the town among the cricket fraternity.

According to Live Cricket Score, the Indian team has been without an ICC trophy since 2013, and this WTC Final offers a good opportunity to win the venerable Mace and end a 10-year drought. Rohit Sharma was frank about his goals and ambitions as captain during the pre-game news conference. 

“I definitely have the responsibility to ensure that every moment we grow Indian cricket,” Rohit remarked. “Whether it’s me or another person, or even the people before, their job is to advance Indian cricket and bring home as many victories and championships as they can. The same will apply to me as well. I desire victory in games and championships. You play for the goal. And yes, winning some championships and prestigious series will be good.”

“But having said that, I honestly believe that we shouldn’t put undue strain on ourselves by obsessing over things of this nature,” he continued. “I’ll be like every other captain and want to win titles. I likewise desire the championship. And winning championships is the main goal of the sport. So when I decide to leave this position, it would be good for me if I could win one or two titles.”


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