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Postponement of T20I World Cup will lead way to plan IPL 2020 schedule

Postponement of T20I World Cup

The International Cricket Council (ICC) and the world look ahead for a decision from Cricket Australia on the World Cup (WC) decision. However there are likely chances for postponement of the T20I World Cup this year, as the coronavirus crisis caused a huge panic. While the travel restrictions might stop few participating nations in the WC, India is laying a different plan.

The WC schedule is actually scheduled to take place during October-November 2020, but it fell into doubt with a completely different situation. On the other hand, India is planning to schedule IPL 2020 during this window, in case the world tour gets cancelled. Prior to the World Cup, the Asia Cup in September is in place. There’s no final decision on commencement of this cup yet.

There have been thoughts from Cricket Australia and the ICC T20 World Cup Local Organising Committee on other plans. This is to look at the chances of developing bio-secure grounds, hosting foreign nations and resuming back the cricket. But there might be some clarity opening up soon.


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