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RCB’s Playoff Chase Reaches Its Final Plot Point


When Royal Challengers Bengaluru returned home after a crushing defeat in Mumbai, their fifth loss in six games, expectations were almost non-existent. Many had already written off their season. Director of Cricket, Mo Bobat, was even asked if the rest of the tournament could be seen as a chance to rebuild for 2025. Acknowledging the team’s shortcomings, he dismissed this notion. “There’s a point when it’s not in our hands, that’s when you might think differently,” he said. Remarkably, as they head into their 14th match, that point hasn’t arrived, and what seemed like Mission Impossible has gradually transformed into Mission Entirely Probable, reports Live Cricket Score.

The IPL thrives on dramatic narratives. While the statistics, matchups, and forecasts might seem mundane, the prospect of CSK and RCB battling for the last playoff spot adds a compelling twist. Adding to the allure are the big names Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, and Dinesh Karthik, all possibly facing their ‘last dance’ on the penultimate day of a 70-game league phase.

Despite earlier gloom surrounding their final home game buildup against SRH a month ago, RCB no longer faces the same hopelessness. Back then, they were content to stay within 25 runs of a record total. Now, they have fewer reasons to fear, with both batting and bowling clicking in unison. CSK’s batting isn’t as sharp as last year, and their bowling has suffered key losses, providing RCB with added optimism.

RCB also brings strong form into this game with a five-match winning streak, while CSK hasn’t managed more than two consecutive wins all season. Their recent victory over Rajasthan Royals wasn’t flawless, marred by dropped catches and a missed chance to boost their NRR. However, it helped them recover from a tough visit to Ahmedabad. What CSK has in abundance, though, is big-match experience. They’re chasing a 13th playoff appearance in 15 seasons, and that experience is invaluable. They know that a win, a washout, or even a small loss will secure their spot.

Scenarios: An NRR Game for RCB

If RCB bats first, they must win by at least 18 runs. For example, if they score 200, they must restrict CSK to 182 or less. This requirement remains even in a truncated five-over game: if RCB scores 75, they must hold CSK to 57 or less.

If RCB bats second and CSK posts 200, RCB must reach 201 with at least 11 balls to spare. If they score a six from 200, they can finish the chase with up to 8 balls to spare. In a shortened game, the equation becomes trickier. For instance, if they set a target of 75 in five overs, they must chase it down in 3.1 overs to surpass CSK’s NRR.


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