Contracts with BJ Watling, Maxwell and Faulkner cancelled for summer 2020, Lancashire reveals

As the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is halting the cricket world at the moment, the contracts between Lancashire and 3 players got cancelled for this summer season. BJ Watling, Glenn Maxwell and James Faulkner have been picked by the cricket club but with the nation’s lock down, England is facing a halt for the current and the near future series.

Lancashire was looking closely for the county championship games with few players joining from abroad to boost up the sportsman ship, but it was so unfortunate that the league ended up with no game for this summer. Yet, the club said the players BJ Watling (the New Zealand wicket-keeper), Maxwell, and Faulkner can sign up for the 2021 summer season.

Watling got picked to play the first nine Championship games for Lancashire while Maxwell (batsmen) and Faulkner (all-rounder) from Australia had to play the T20 matches. In the meanwhile at the start of the COVID-19 crisis in England when many sectors started a temporary shutdown, Lancashire’s players have agreed to a 20% pay cut from their May salary.

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