Harbhajan Singh reveals his views on banning saliva and sweat

Amid the coronavirus breakdown, the fall of activities is still continuing. The world has been facing a situation that is uncommon, with cricket being halted for weeks now. So the future series are so crucial with few rules that might be modified including banning saliva.

The Indian bowler Harbhajan Singh has a different view of maintaining pitches to be helpful for pacers in case of saliva being banned. As a practice for ball-shining, saliva and sweat has been used by world class bowlers and so will be in the future.

But understandably the virus spread can happen with saliva usage, Harbhajan said. So the health prospects play a vital role in an uncommon condition like this, he added.

Many scientists have been discussing facts of the virus transmission, and the major concern is with saliva. Of course, many nations have revealed the same thing that the virus is spread when the infected person talks, coughs, or suffers with cold. There’s a chance of virus spread when the affected are exposed in the public.

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