Ball manufacturing company Dukes said swing is possible without saliva usage

The recent discussion on the ban of saliva had mixed views and concerns from different cricket players. But applying saliva for ball shining is not only the method according to the company Dukes. The decision from ICC is yet to be reviewed after it proposed to ban saliva usage on the ball and reduce the chances for spread of virus, as the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way situations need to be handled.

Dukes claims to use secondary methods such as using sweat to balls that they are manufacturing with good shape. The company also states that they hand-stitch the balls that can be used for a strong seam and acts as a rudder through the air. This kind of ball design allows it to stay harder for a longer time.

There were opinions on a negative note related to saliva ban, from the bowlers especially. The Australia fast-bowler Mitchell Starc reckons that the decision made would go in favor of batsmen. He feels with no shine on the ball, the contest between the bowlers and batsman might be imbalanced.

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